Keeping Pets Safe and Healthy in Hot Las Vegas Summers

Keeping Pets Safe and Healthy in Hot Las Vegas SummersIf you are new to Las Vegas or are considering a move to the Las Vegas area and are moving with pets, it is good to know how to care for your cute furry family members in the heat of the Las Vegas summer. Here are some great summer pet safety care tips for all pets, especially for new pet residents to Las Vegas. 

Las Vegas Heat Safety Tips for Pets

it is good to know what temperatures are concerning for pets to be outside in and the warning signs of poor pet health when in the heat. Follow these helpful heat safety tips for the Las Vegas summer heat to make your pet's move to the Vegas area a smooth one this summer.

Hydration is Not Just for Humans

Pets need access to drinkable water at all times especially when it's hot. Make sure to give them a drink after a walk or being active. If you are going for a long walk keep some water with you to take a break during the walk.

Unless You Have an Electric Temperature Controlled Car Skip the Car Ride

Pets love a car ride to get out of the house and have a change of scenery. Don't bring your pet along for the ride if you have plans to leave them in the car while you go somewhere. Cars can become overheated easily even in temperatures that don't feel threatening. Sometimes leaving the windows cracked is not enough. So unless you have an electric car where you can keep the air conditioning on while you are not there, leave your pet at home.

Keep Watch Over Swimming Pets

Even if your pet loves to swim and is the best swimmer in the family, they should never be left alone around the pool or water without supervision. Drowning and getting caught in a sticky situation in the water can happen to your pet too. 

Plan Walks Smartly

Do not take your pet for a walk when the ground is hot. They walk barefoot and can easily burn the pads of their feet. A good way to check the temperature of the ground to see if it is safe to walk your pet is to put the back of your hand on the pavement. If it is too hot for you to touch it is too hot for your pet. Stick to walking your pets when the weather is cooler like in the morning or the evening when the sun goes down. 

Know the Humidity Numbers

A humid climate makes it harder for pets to cool down after being in the heat. On days when the humidity is higher keep pets inside as long as possible.

Proper Grooming is Important

Keeping your pet's hair shorter when the heat is high helps them to keep as cool as possible. It is the same theory as wearing lighter-weight clothing for humans. Just don't shave off their hair completely and make them more susceptible to sunburn. 

How to Recognize Heat Stroke

Make sure you know the signs of heat stroke in pets. This could save your pet's life. Some signs include excessive panting, weakness, fainting, seizures, drooling, and difficulty breathing. Bring pets with these symptoms to a cool area and call a vet if symptoms do not subside within a few minutes.

Take Extra Measures to Keep Pets Cool

There are some helpful hacks you can use to keep pets cool when the temps get high. Keep pets cool from the inside out with frozen chew toys or pet popsicles and ice cubes. Use a misting fan where your pet likes to lie down and relax. Invest in a pet cooling vest or mat. Add some pet-approved electrolytes to their water to boost their hydration. 

With the right knowledge and preparedness, your pet will love the summers in their new Las Vegas home. It is always a great idea when moving with pets to keep them in mind and how they are adjusting and to help make their move more comfortable with some simple tricks. 

Donald Payne of Vision Realty in Columbus Ohio shares this in a blog post about moving with pets:

"Moving can be a stressful time for the entire household, including furry family members. With all the noise, changes in routine, and general hustle and bustle of a move, it’s easy for a pet to become overwhelmed. To make this big adjustment less of an ordeal for your pet, there are certain steps you can take before, during and after the transfer."

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