The Country's First High Speed Train Will Connect Las Vegas with Los Angeles

The Country's First High Speed Train Will Connect Las Vegas with Los AngelesThere is always something new and exciting happening in and around Las Vegas. From innovative new attractions to brand new resorts on the strip to brand new impressive housing communities on the outskirts of town and now the nation's first truly high-speed railway.

This high-speed railway will link Las Vegas to Southern Los Angeles and has been in the works for many years with several delays. But the groundbreaking ceremony finally happened on April 23, 2024, and construction is underway to connect these two cities more easily through a high-speed mode of transportation.

The railway will be called Bright Line West and it is a $12 billion project that has been stop and go on officially starting for several years. The groundbreaking for the process of laying 218 miles of track for the new high-speed train is officially underway. The track will carry an all-electric train that will shuttle passengers between a terminal just south of the Las Vegas strip and a new facility in Rancho Cucamonga in the southern Los Angeles area. The train will take only two hours to get between the two destinations which is a trip that takes well over three hours when driving.

A 34-mile stretch of track will run along Interstate 15 in Nevada with a station stop in Victorville. The system will be affected by many other rail lines from various locations in California with an overall total of 218 miles of track. Travelers from Las Vegas will connect to a system that will take travelers into Los Angeles via the Metrolink. The entire project is scheduled to be finished in the summer of 2028.

It is estimated that around 11 million people will be passengers on the train per year which equals out to about 30,000 people per day. Fares will be cheaper than flying from LAX to Las Vegas and will have services like Wi-Fi, restrooms, food and beverage sales, and the ability to check in luggage. Brightline expects this high-speed electric railway to be the first of many that will connect the City within a short enough distance for driving but just long enough to make a drive feel arduous yet still a better choice over flying a short distance. Giving a third option of rail travel at a high speed shortens travel time and gives a cheaper option than air travel. This rail system will have zero emissions and will reach 200 mph. It is said to be the greenest form of transportation in the world once it is finished.

This is not only good news for someone in California hoping to take a trip to Vegas for fun every once in a while, but it is also great news for people who need to travel between the two destinations for work purposes and for people hoping to purchase second homes and vacation properties. This makes traveling to a home away from home even easier. Who doesn't want the ability to live in Las Vegas and pick up on a whim to head out to the coast of California? Or the ability to live in LA and head to America's party capital of Las Vegas whenever they need to blow off some steam?

This new project that has finally broken ground will make travel between the two areas even more convenient. There are already a number of people from California who love to come to Las Vegas for even more fun and adventure and now it will be even easier in the coming years.

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