Update a Las Vegas Home's Bathroom Without Remodeling

Update a Las Vegas Home's Bathroom Without RemodelingWhen it comes to selling a home and attracting buyer interest to bring in an offer there are some areas of a home that buyers are scrutinizing more than others. One of those areas is the bathroom. So it is a good idea for a Las Vegas homeowner to have the bathrooms in their home looking fresh and up to date. 

But updating a bathroom can become expensive, and when you are selling a home the last thing you want to do is drop a ton of money into the home. Money you may not see a good return on investment from. The good news is, that there are some things you can do to update your bathroom without a major renovation. 

New Light Fixtures

An outdated light fixture speaks volumes to an out-of-date tired room, especially in a smaller space like a bathroom. If you have a light fixture from 20 years ago in your bathroom this is one of the easiest ways to instantly breathe new life into the room and make it feel updated and fresh. Bathroom light fixtures do not cost an arm and a leg. At some online shopping outlets, you can even find them as low as $30-$50.

New Faucets and Showerheads

Faucets and showerheads are like the jewelry in your bathroom. Simply switching out the accessories that are the crowning jewels of your bathroom can give it a whole new design aesthetic. Take the old faucet out and switch it with something new and minimal not flashy to appeal to a wide range of buyers. Seeing a brand-new faucet helps a buyer become more excited about the bathroom because it feels fresh instead of tired and dated. These fixtures will cost more than updating a light fixture but it can be well worth the cost if your bathroom faucet is something like those very old 70s fixtures with clear hot and cold knobs. Because that will command all of the attention of a buyer. Instead of focusing on the great attributes of the bathroom like a separate soaking tub and a shower, all they will remember is the outdated fixtures.

New Cabinet Hardware

Simply switching out old drawer handles and cabinet pulls for new updated ones can breathe life into a vanity. You can also opt for repainting a vanity to make it feel like it is fresh and interesting instead of paying a couple thousand dollars for a brand new updated one.

Stick on Backsplash

The backsplash behind your bathroom sink where your mirror is located is a huge focal point in the bathroom. This is because many people spend a significant amount of time looking into the bathroom mirror every day. Giving some style to the backsplash area of your bathroom can help it to feel elevated and fun. It can give it a style story that draws the eye and helps a buyer to fall in love with the space. One of the most cost-effective ways to add a stylish backsplash around your bathroom mirror is to use some peel-and-stick wallpaper. You will be surprised at the equality of peel-and-stick products that are on the market right now. They are even being used on home design shows by high-end home designers. They can add an instant luxurious feeling style to your bathroom.

"This is a popular option because it allows for the easiest installation and also allows for an easier cleanup when you are ready to move on to a different design". -From the Vision Realty blog on peel-and-stick wallpaper

New Shower Curtain 

A shower curtain is like shoes in an outfit, it can change the whole feel and look of a room. By simply switching out a shower curtain for a minimal but high-end luxury fabric you can change the look and feel of your space. Make sure to choose something that is neutral and gives the room a feel of simple luxury. Think high-end spa not fun rubber ducky decoration.

Edit Your Products and Stage Them

We all can take on quite a collection of products we use in the bathroom. These products instantly look like clutter and there isn't enough room in the bathroom. Instead of communicating, there is no place to keep your things try editing your daily beauty products down to just the bare necessities while you are selling your home and showing it to potential buyers. Also, consider how you arrange the bathroom products that are visible such as the ones on the shelf in the shower.

Try to stage them to make them look decorative like a hotel does when you first walk into the room. Instead of seeing a homeowner's large collection of products a buyer wants to see something welcoming much like a spa or hotel. This helps get them excited about using the bathroom instead of seeing that somebody else already has.

There are several great ways you can get your bathroom ready to be show-worthy in your home without completely remodeling it. If you are considering selling your Las Vegas home I am here to help. Contact me anytime to get started on marketing your home and selling it for the best price possible in a shorter timeframe. Contact me anytime with any Las Vegas real estate needs both buying and selling homes.

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