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I just want to compliment you on being on top of your game here. You are the only one that sends everything I need to get things moving for people. Why can’t they all be like you. LOL

– Las Vegas Country Club Masters Association

I saw the tenant renewed their lease, and the rent increased! This is great news. I just want to say thank you for doing a great job managing our property.
Take care,

– Jason A. (Investor)

“We have only had one management company for our properties since 2009, it’s The Home Shop!! We have bought numerous properties over the years and Michele and her staff have handled all of them in the most professional manner imaginable. We are so lucky to have found her as our business would not be complete without her. Our tenants are long term which says a lot for the service they receive.! The American Dream is alive and well with THE HOME SHOP! Thanks Michele and Staff.”

– Jeff C. (Investor/Owner)

“Had a great experience with The Home Shop, no issues. I used the portal to report any repair problems and always received a quick response in regards to setting up a date/time for the repair. The Home Shop always handled issues in a timely and professional manner.”

– Jody H. (Tenant)

“We love Michele, she takes amazing care of us in our home! Anything goes wrong, all it takes is an email and she responds right away. Our refrigerator was messing up, the tech came out said it needed to be replaced…got a brand new one delivered the very next day! Our AC was messing up, got it fixed! Sprinklers, alarm system, everything has been taken care of right away! We have no complaints whatsoever! Thank you Michele for taking good care of my family and I!”

– Ann B. (Tenant)

“Michele Brown and The Home Shop have been managing my properties for over ten years. She is–in a word–great! When we’ve had turnover, she has filled vacancies remarkably quickly. When tenants have reported properties needed repair, again, she has acted quickly. And she knows her market extremely well. I value her advice highly. Strong recommendation to others needing property management in the Las Vegas area.”

– Jerry R. (Investor/Owner)

“I have used The Home Shop for property management for years, and I can honestly say that they are very balanced between meeting owner’s requests and the needs of their tenants. I’ve used 8 property management companies over the past 10 years, and have stuck with The Home Shop the longest. Anyone who writes a bad review doesn’t understand their rental agreement; I can tell you I am notified of issues for my property within minutes of occurrence, and a resolution is required of me very quickly so that the tenants don’t wait. They are very responsive to both, owners and tenants, and when in doubt take care of the tenant foremost. You can only get eviction notices when appropriate, so I can’t take anyone complaining about getting one, because you received it for a reason. I would take all reviews online with a grain of salt, but I can tell you my experience with them has been top-notch, and that takes into account owners and tenants.”

– Paul G. (Investor/Owner)

“You are amazing! With all the rentals in Las Vegas too! Really well done.”

– S. Church (Owner)

“Michele, I want to thank you for putting yourself on the line for me. I know that God played a major role in me finding you, I truly believe that.”

– S. Ellis (Tenant)

“Thank you for all the extra time you have expanded on behalf of the estate. It was beyond the call of duty and quite gracious of you. You saved me much effort and anxiety.”

– T Family Trust (Owner)

“Michele, great news! And terrific job on everything so far, I am really happy with the entire process.”

-A. Vasserot (Owner)

“Thanks Michele! We really enjoy the house and so far have absolutely no complaints about anything. You guys are great!”

-SSG Fletcher (Tenant)

“Once again it was your effort and ability that made it happen. I am so fortunate to have you on my team.”

– M. Butler (Investor)

“Thank you for finding us our Vegas home. The process was virtually painless and we are excited to begin a new chapter.”

– Anderson Family (Buyers)

“I’m spreading the word that your are the Very Best Property Management Co. ever. I’ll just have to buy more so you can handle them.”

– L. Anderson (Investor)